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            We're continuing to grow food for our munities while maintaining the safety of our employees during COVID-19.
            Learn more.

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            Square Roots is an indoor urban farming pany connecting people in cities to local, real food.

            Find Us

            Incredibly Tasty

            Our indoor farms recreate ideal growing climates from around the world, providing peak-season flavor, all year round, in any urban location.

            About Us

            Fresher, Longer

            Our produce arrives at your local store within hours of being hand-harvested, meaning your greens stay fresher, longer in your kitchen.

            Local Produce

            Safe, Transparent

            We follow the highest standards in food and people-safety, we never use pesticides or GMOs, and our produce is traceable from seed-to-store. Square Roots is a brand you can trust.

            See For Yourself

            Greater Impact

            Our cloud-connected farms and data-empowered farmers are constantly learning from each other, finding new ways to grow more food with fewer resources.

            Our Impact

            Visit Our Farms

            Virtual Farm Tour


            Join us for a virtual event where we’ll share more about what we do, how our team is responding to COVID-19, and take a look inside our farms.

            Learn More

            Farm Tour


            See the farms, meet the farmers, taste the food, and talk with others about local, real food.

            Learn More

            Connect With Us

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